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All videos directed by Michael Peleaux.

Video notes: The band Neve (Portrait/Sony/Columbia) paid to borrow the concept of the “Gone” video (conceived by Michael Peleaux and Rob Goraieb) for the video of their hit single, “It’s Over Now” (Director: Jeff Gordon). “Beautiful” was shot one night in a famous scooter shop. “Gone” and “The Force” were both shot over consecutive days on a soundstage and on location, all under the excellent direction of Michael Peleaux and crew.

(Thanks to Grant Paige for the editing/video Quicktime transfers.)

REAL Video:
Beautiful - low
Beautiful - high

Beautiful 27.7MB
(Version 2
Alternate Ending)

REAL Video:
The Force - low
The Force - high
The Force 14.6MB

Gone 35.8MB