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Rob Goraieb tracking vocals at Groundworks with Ron Alayra.

Rob Goraieb in the studio working with producer/drummer extraordinaire Ron Alayra. Actually, Ron is the one working.

New promo shot of Rob Goraieb (from an exclusive Birds Decay series) by renowned photographer Benjamin Nguyen; currently one of the best photographers in the world. Photo credit: Benjamin Nguyen Copyright 2009

One of the many official Kosmos Express promo shots. Left to right: Mark Powell (drums), Rob Goraieb (singer/guitar), Beau Burchell (guitar), and G.J. Torres (bass). Photo credit: Anna Cardenas.

Kosmos Express mocking traditional promo shots. The infamous put-your-hand-out-toward-the-camera is always worth making fun of. Photo credit: Anna Cardenas.

Rob live on stage, just hours away from a shower.

Kosmos Express during the "Now" tour 1997.

Rob working on "Simulcast" with producer, the late great Gene Eugene.

Recording acoustic on "Simulcast" hit, "Gone." Dig the pants.

Taken from The Get Set's official promo shot. Photo credit: Ira Lippke.

Drummer Mark Powell and Rob Goraieb at Wild Hamster in Los Angeles, taking a break from the "Down Marriott Lane!" sessions.

Official "Apartment 305" record and solo promo shot. Copyright Ira Lippke.

Recording "The Royal Circle" demo at Groundworks.

One of The Get Set's official record company promo shots. Left to right: Chris Diede (keyboards), Rob Goraieb (singer/guitar), Mark Powell (drumset), and Gerry Valvona (a lovely chappy who joined the band after the first bass player, Mark Eastwood, sadly had to leave). The moody White Album shots were Ira’s inspiration in taking these individuals of the band. Copyright Ira Lippke.

The Get Set having a chuckle during a photo session in Downtown Long Beach. Photo credit: Ira Lippke.